Advising Services

Advising Services are reserved for Gators currently taking classes or who have previously taken classes at SF State.  Below is a list of the services we primarily focus on at the Undergraduate Advising Center. 

Drop-in Advising

Same day advising services for:

  • General Education
  • Non-Major Graduation Requirements
  • Graduation Check
  • First Year English and Math 
  • University Policy & Procedures

Scheduled Appointments

Appointments can be scheduled in-person or on the phone (see contact info to the right) for any of the following services:

Email Advising

To email an advisor, click the "Do you have an advising question?" button to the right.

For confidentiality reasons, email advising is designed for general academic advising questions that do not require us to look at a student record.  Please allow us at least three to five business days to reply to your email during our non-peak times and seven to five days during the weeks of registration.  If you are on-campus or local and need immediate assistance, please visit us during our Drop-in Advising hours.