Lena Mier

Front Desk Lead Support

Lena Mier

Joined the UAC in 2017

What is your approach to advising?
Keep my ears and my heart open for students. Listen to what they need and meet them where they are so they can see the paths and opportunities that are open for them. Make sure that I keep learning and growing so that I don't become stagnant in my search for knowledge which will (hopefully) help make me a better resource and mentor for anyone who has a need.

BA in Linguistics (Language and Society), Minor in Dance Theater, UC San Diego

How did you get here?
I've always loved working with students and creating opportunities/providing resources for them through my work in arts non-profits and regional theaters. Eventually, I realized that I wanted to see how I liked the world of advising and counseling, and I was lucky enough to find this opportunity with the UAC.

What's the best class you've ever taken?
An Ethnic Studies course back in UCSD entitled Monsters, Robots, and Orphans where we studied how our urban legends and stories are affected by cultural shifts and colonization, as well as how we develop our own stories and discover our heritage through media, film, and music. Extensive study of Janelle Monae, too. I still think about it now and how it completely shifted the way I looked at stories in my own culture and how I viewed my place in the world.

Most unusual job you ever had?
I used to be a dresser and costumer for Disneyland's parades and character meet and greets!

About me (likes and hobbies)
Dancing and teaching (hip hop and ballroom for teens), taking language classes, watching ensemble comedy shows (e.g. Brooklyn 99, Parks and Rec) and teleseryes, making Spotify playlists, collecting kpop albums. I love looseleaf and milk tea, cookie dough, and AYCE food. As a Filipinx artist, I'm also focusing on how to develop spaces for people to tell their stories and explore their relationships with their cultural identities through art, dance, theater, and more.

What advice do you have for SF State Gators?
I'm a big advocate of taking advantage of your curiosity and taking GEs and electives that might be way out of your comfort zone--that's why we have GEs! I loved being able to explore a lot of the humanities and sciences that had nothing to do with my major and explore myself as a person and challenge my worldview. I hope that our students are able to use some of their time here to enjoy their education and build themselves up. Take advantage of the opportunities all over campus to learn from your peers, your mentors, your supervisors. Don't be afraid to take 'em out for a chat and ask questions!