Vanessa Rodriguez

Vanessa Rodriguez
College Specialist
College of Ethnic Studies

Creighton University, BA in Psychology & Anthropology

What's your favorite part of your job?
Forming genuine relationships with students.

What's the best class you've ever taken?
Food, Society, & Environment--What set this course apart from the rest was that soon after taking it, I traveled to El Salvador to visit family and I was able to witness first-hand the ecological implications of food production, specifically coffee, and the social justice issues surrounding it.

About me (likes & hobbies):
Traveling and going on random adventures is one of my greatest pleasures. I also enjoy spending quality time in my hammock, watching Netflix, hiking, yoga, wine, and eating fine food.

What excites you about helping students graduate from SF State?
Knowing that my advising interactions are creating a ripple effect, not only in the life and education of the student but also in mine.

What advice do you have for SF State Gators?
No matter what stage of your life you're in, be sure to seek help when needed and always ask questions. Remember, it's okay to be selfish. You have to take care of yourself first before you can take care of others. In other words, "treat yo self."