Advising Services

Advising Services

Our office is entirely virtual due to COVID-19. All advising sessions will be conducted via Zoom

First-year freshman & Undeclared students 


First-year freshmen and undeclared students have an assigned counselor in the UAC (refer to your SF State email for messages from your counselor). Reach out to your counselor directly via email, drop-in, and/or appointment when you need assistance.

Advising services are reserved for SFSU students currently taking classes or who have previously taken classes at SF State. 

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Email Advising

Please email your counselor from your SF State email address as all responses will be sent to that account. 

Your assigned counselor may be able to address general questions via email, but might recommend drop-in advising or an appointment when appropriate.


Drop-in Advising 

Starting September 7th, refer to your assigned counselor’s drop-in advising hours or schedule an appointment if you are unavailable during their designated drop-in time. 

Drop-ins are for "quick questions" that can be answered in 15 minutes or less. We see students on a first come, first serve basis during the drop-in hours posted on our Advising Home Page



[ Advisor Office Hours table: Available August 2020 ] 


Academic Advising Appointment

Your assigned counselor will send emails throughout the year to invite you to schedule an appointment so check your SF State email regularly. You may also use the link below to schedule an appointment with your assigned counselor or email your counselor if you are unavailable during their appointment times. 

[How to Schedule an Appointment Guide]


Learn how to prepare for these common appointments by clicking on the option below. 

How to prepare for your Major Exploration appointment



Students changing their major or pursuing a Special Major

If you are unsure of your major or are planning to pursue a Special Major*, call the UAC’s Virtual Front Desk to schedule an appointment. If you know which major you want to declare, contact the major department for guidance on the declaration process (refer to the department website for contact information).

*Declaring a Special Major involves meeting eligibility criteria and writing a proposal that must be approved. Review information about the Special Major prior to your appointment to determine if this is a good fit for your academic goals.


Former Gators planning to return to SF State as an undeclared student

If you plan to return to SF State as an undeclared student, call the UAC’s Virtual Front Desk to schedule a Readmission appointment. Returning students declared in a major should contact the college resource center associated with the major.  


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