Step One:

graphic with text: Get To Know Yourself

Get to Know Yourself

One way to choose a major is to look at different aspects of who you are and identify possible majors or careers that may reflect your values and interests.   There are a number of assessments available that look at your interests, skills, values and personality and tie them to potential majors and occupations.  No single test covers everything, so we recommend trying different assessments to get different perspectives.

Areas of Interest

What activities are you normally involved in? These could be hobbies, extra-curricular activities or how you use your free time. In an ideal world, what you like to do for fun would be in line with what you study and what you do for your career.  O*NET Interest Profiler is a free tool that can help you identify your interests, and locate potential careers and majors for specific disciplines. Truity Holland Code Career Test is a free assessment that will try to identify your areas of interests and matches them to potential careers.


What skills do you have? Some assessments look at your skill sets and match them to potential occupations that require similar skills.  These occupations are sometimes tied to specific majors.  CA Career Zone Skills Profiler offers a free assessment that can help you identify a potential career and major match.


Every person is born with unique natural preferences in their personality.  Some personalities thrive more in certain work domains. The Truity Typefinder Personality Test is a free personality test based on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This test will illustrate how your personality type can be used to more effectively choose an appropriate work environment. Truity Typefinder can also identify the careers most suited to your personality, and those least suited to your personality type.

Personality tests should be consistent in results, but you can try some other free online versions to compare.


Values are what you live by.  They are core principles that drive your actions.  Finding a career and major that is true to your value system is critical for long term success, satisfaction and commitment to the field. offers a free values assessment which can help match occupations with your work values.