Step Four:

graphic with text: How to Declare

How Do I Declare a Major?

  1. Determine if the major is impacted (click here for the list of impacted majors). If the major is impacted, you will need to apply to the major by a deadline provided by the department, and most impacted majors require pre-requisite courses. Contact specific departments regarding their application deadlines. You can find more about deadlines and declaring a major on the Registrar’s website.
    • Please note: If a major is impacted there is no guarantee that you will be able to declare that major. Students interested in impacted majors should begin “parallel planning” in the event that they are unable to declare their intended major. This means that you may want to identify other majors that are also of interest.
  2. Choose relevant forms from below:
  1. Fill out specific forms above and have the chair of your major department(s) sign the form.
  1. Submit form to Registrar’s Office at the One-Stop Student Service Center.