Claire Armetta

College Specialist
College of Liberal & Creative Arts

B.A. in English Literature, minor in Philosophy – University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
M.S. in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis – University of Wisconsin - Madison

What is your approach to advising or supporting students?    

I view advising as a student-centered, collaborative experience. Advising is a team effort, where we work together to build plans, goals and dreams. My goal is to promote a growth-mindset with students and to foster an atmosphere of positivity and self-reflection.

What inspired you to pursue a career in advising?

As an English major, I often felt confused about my degree program, but I loved what I was learning.  My peers would sometimes ask, “so are you going to be a teacher?” Although I loved the idea of teaching, it didn’t feel exactly right. As time went on, I explored as much as I could, and began to see the value of my English degree in a variety of career paths. This experience of confusion, growth, and exploration inspired me to pursue a career in advising. I wanted to advocate for others going through similar experiences of change, and help student's understand the value of their degree regardless of the career path they choose to follow.

What excites you about helping students at SF State?

This is a pivotal point in a student’s life, and I feel privileged to be a part of the journey. Not to mention, there are countless opportunities for students to grow and learn on a campus like SFSU! Overall, I’m excited about supporting students towards their vision of success..

What's your favorite part of your job?

I get to discuss goals, ideas, strategies and student’s dreams every day. How fun is that?

What's the best class you've ever taken? 

My love of English literature began in a high school British literature course.  We read Beowulf, and the teacher reenacted the battle scene with a randomly chosen student.  The teacher knocked over a book shelf for dramatic effect. You basically could NOT fall asleep in this class. The teacher was all over the place!

What's the most unusual job you've ever had? 

I was a “Door-to-Door” Canvasser for PBS where I knocked on people’s doors for eight hours a day asking for donations. If they said “no” I usually would just complement them on their lawn ornaments or pet their dogs!

What advice do you have for SF Gators?

The “unknown” can be scary! But continue to explore, and seek out new and unfamiliar experiences.  Perhaps there is an aspect of the world you have always been curious about, or drawn to, continue to listen to that internal voice of curiosity and never stop asking questions.

About me (likes and hobbies):

I love Beagles, chocolate cupcakes with butter cream frosting, and the color pink! If you ever want to show someone a picture of your dog, I am genuinely interested. Originally from Wisconsin (the dairy state!), I am a fried cheese curd enthusiast and grew up with FRIGID winters.