Mission Statement

The Undergraduate Advising Center (UAC) facilitates graduation and centrally supports activities that help to ensure the achievement of the academic success goals of students, advising faculty and campus support staff. The UAC’s main focus is to provide services that respond to the developmental, personal planning and pre-professional needs of our diverse student population.  The UAC supports advising related processes across the campus, cooperatively working with faculty, staff and students.  The UAC offers information, guidance, consultation, advocacy, leadership and training to assist students in graduating in a timely manner.

DUEAP Advising

Advising Leadership

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education

Kim Altura   Kimberley Altura

Director of Advising Development and College Specialists

                               Mai Choua Xiong

Director of Developmental Studies and Retention Specialists

                               Andrew Brosnan

Director of Graduation Specialists

                               Heather Hall


College of Ethnic Studies

   Bibiana Arriola


                             Gregory Mitchell


                             Danielle Yip

College of Liberal & Creative Arts

     Claire Armetta

    Eliot Watson Eliot James Watson



                            Takiyah Larkin


College of Health & Social Sciences

Graduate College of Education

                             Gregory Mitchell


                             Danielle Yip