Jenise Gragera

Academic Counselor

Joined the UAC in Oct 2017

What is your approach to advising?
I encourage students to be intentional and to think critically about the choices they make on their path to graduation. I help them understand requirements and teach them to use the resources available so they feel confident about their next steps.   

M.S. in Counseling, CSULB
B.A. in Music Education, UCLA

About me (likes and hobbies)
I enjoy traveling to experience the history, culture, and most importantly, the local cuisine of the place. When at home, I spend my time reading, crafting, cooking, or binge-watching TV series.

What advice do you have for SF State Gators?
Use your time at SF State to learn more about yourself so you can feel confident that the choices you make in life are aligned with who you are - try a class that looks interesting, experience other cultures, pick up an internship, or join a student organization. New experiences can help you discover what you feel will lead to a fulfilling, happy life.