Joe "The Advisor" Benjamin

Academic Counselor/Orientation Lead

Joe Benjamin holding plush gator

Joined the UAC in 2001

What is your approach to advising?
I believe in meeting students halfway—meaning that advisors may show them the tools, resources and strategies for success, but the student has to also invest in their own success by learning and comprehending those methods.

B.A. Interdisciplinary Science
M.A. Educational Technology Leadership

How did you get here?
Started off as an undergrad peer advisor for Orientation programs, taught high school chemistry and biophysical science, then came back as a full-time academic advisor for the UAC.

What's your favorite part of your job?
Building a rapport with a student over time, seeing them through the rough spots, then receiving the declaration that they are about to graduate and the gratitude I get from them for all my help.

What's the best class you've ever taken?
A physics class I took from Dr. Posin—a professor that not only borrowed Einsteins teachings, but also his hair style! Dr. Posin actually met Einstein and may have studied under him for a time.

Most unusual job you ever had?
Running a pen and paper role-playing game with eight kids full-time for a week in the summer. Or, working at the NUMMI car factory for two summers while an undergraduate.

About me (likes and hobbies)
Science, cosmology, conscience and existential philosophy, life hacks, inspirational quotes, alternative education, game development, industrial design and RPGs.

What advice do you have for SF State Gators?
Get involved! And immerse yourself in whatever you have passion for—this is the fuel you need to carry you through a successful career and a happier life.