Andrew Henry King

Academic Counselor

More about Andrew (He/Him/His):

Ed.D in Educational Leadership (SFSU)

Master's Degree in English Composition (SFSU)

Teaching Credential (SFSU)

I take a student-centered, servant-leader approach to advising and supporting students, infusing both transactional and transformative advising tactics. My main objective when I advise students is to help students develop a sense of agency and empowerment while supporting students' educational, vocational, and academic goals.

My former students have informed me to pursue a career in advising. I used to tell my students, "I am not qualified to advise you on this matter. See your academic advisor or counselor." As a life-longer learner and educator, I can now support students in and outside the classroom.


What excites me most about helping students at SFSU is knowing that I have made some small but significant impact on students' lives and experiences. Even if they may not remember my name, they will say that they received the support that both needed and wanted.

My favorite part about my job is interacting and engaging with students. I love to hear and learn about their stories, their journeys, and their experiences as well as the challenges. They teach me more than I teach them.

The best and most useful (upper division college) class I've ever taken was granting writing. I learned so much about scholarships and grants and about how to apply for them. While the instructional approach was not always exciting, I gained a lot of practical writing and research skills from taking that class.

The most unusual job I ever had was working as an usher in the Fan Lot section at Oracle Park for two seasons. While I loved meeting new people and watching the games (while getting paid), I frequently encountered intoxicated adults who acted like kids.

The only limits in life are the ones you set for yourself.
Obstacles in life in the universe's way of telling you to consider a new direction.

My hobbies and likes include (but are not limited to)
*reading (fiction and nonfiction books)
*writing (education and composition topics)
*watching historical dramas and documentaries and basketball games
*visiting amusement parks (especially Disneyland)
*taking cruises
*spending time with my immediate family