Meet the Advising Teams

Mission Statement

The mission of the Undergraduate Advising Center (UAC) is to support students success and to empower them to take responsibility for achieving their academic and personal goals. The Undergraduate Advising Center uses a proactive, data-informed, holistic advising approach to support students, offering guidance, advocacy and education to assist students in their first-year transition to SF State all the way through to graduation. 

The 1st and 2nd Year and Undeclared Advising Team

Yunny Yip, Director of 1st & 2nd Year Advisors

Herman Lee, Assistant Director

Joe Benjamin, Academic Counselor/Coordinator for Students in Transition 

Diana Castro, Academic Counselor

Martina Lasich, Academic Counselor

Matt Grossbard, Academic Counselor

McCall Olson, Academic Counselor 

Tara Boehm, Academic Counselor

Erin Johnson, Academic Counselor

Ezekiel Cerezo, Academic Counselor

Tasia Danso, Academic Counselor

Andrew Henry King, Academic Counselor

Shirley Tsang, Academic Counselor

Sushma Chapagain, Academic Counselor

Viktor Niemiec, Academic Counselor

Jenelle Borja, Academic Counselor

Gator Smart Start (GSS) Advising Team 

Heather Hall, Director of College Advisors

Michelle Kalus, Lead Academic Counselor/Gator Smart Start Coordinator

College of Science and Engineering (CosE) Advising Team

Jasmin Bomanjee, Director of College Advisors

Anim Khalid, Academic Advisor/Graduation Specialist

Marcus Cordero, Academic Advisor/Graduation Specialist

Andrew Zingg, Academic Advisor/Graduation Specialist

Emily Rodriguez, Academic Counselor

Jaime Lopez, Academic Counselor

Katie Vogt, Academic Counselor

Reid Wagner, Academic Counselor

Sophia Sottile, Academic Counselor

Lesly Perez Ortiz, Counseling Intern

College of Ethnic Studies (ETHS) & Graduate College of Education (GCoE) Advising Teams

Bibiana Arriola, Director of College Advisors

Tachelle Herron-Lane, Academic Counselor

Kyle Wallace-Jordan, Academic Counselor

College of Health and Social Sciences (HSS) Advising Team

Jasmin Bomanjee, Director of College Advisors

David Woo, Lead Academic Counselor

Saya Santos, Academic Advisor/Graduation Specialist

Ederlyn Peralta, Academic Counselor

Jennifer Kerwin, Academic Counselor

Mack Ervin, Academic Counselor

Christopher Avalos, Counseling Intern

College of Liberal and Creative Arts (LCA) Advising Team

Heather Hall, Director of College Advisors

De Vaughn, Academic Advisor/Graduation Specialist

Gina Matteo, Academic Advisor/Graduation Specialist

Sophia Marx, Academic Advisor/Graduation Specialist

Joshua Horowitz, Academic Counselor

Neela Koduri, Academic Counselor

Todd Robinson, Academic Counselor

Tony Flores, Academic Counselor

Lam Family College of Business (LFCoB) Advising Team

Bibiana Arriola, Director of College Advisors

Rosy Trejo, Academic Advisor/Graduation Specialist

Caitlin Sierra, Academic Advisor/Graduation Specialist

Albert Koo, Academic Counselor

Chris Vela, Academic Counselor

Da'Shonda Parks, Academic Counselor

Guadalupe Ramos, Academic Counselor