Angela Simmons

Academic Counselor

More about Angela Simmons

B.A. Psychology & Social Behavior - UC Irvine

B.A. Public Health Policy - UC Irvine

M.Ed. Counselor Education, Emphasis in Higher Education Counseling & Student Affairs - UT Austin


My approach to working with students is to always listen first and empower students to make the best decisions for them. In challenging or new situations, we can begin to doubt our own abilities and strengths. As an academic counselor, my goal is to uplift and empower students while providing guidance to help navigate the complexities of university life.


After graduating from my Masters program, I wanted to utilize my education, experience, and skills to directly support students. As an academic counselor, I'm able to meet students where they are, explore options around academics and careers, and connect students to well-being resources on campus. I also distinctly remember having two polar opposite advising experiences as an undergrad - one that went positively and the other, not so much - and realized the impact staff can have in helping students feel supported and connected to the broader campus community.


I love seeing the excitement students feel when they find classes, majors, student organizations or other involvements, that make them feel passionate and invested. Sometimes, we can feel disconnected or stuck and I'm excited to serve in a role where I can help students see their options and find solutions to any issue they bring in. 


My favorite part of my job is the problem solving aspect of the position. There are so many different questions that come up that there's never a dull moment. This position gives me the opportunity to wear many different hats and utilize different skills.


One of the best classes I've taken was a medical anthropology course during my undergrad. It was the first course that challenged my perception of medicine and showed me how deeply culture and context influences our views. That course taught me to think more critically and to be more self-reflective.


Not that unusual but one of my first jobs was as a part-time English teacher for different groups of Japanese exchange students.  


You belong here. You are enough. Remember to tell yourself this when you begin to doubt it and practice self-compassion.


My constant loves are coffee/tea, skincare, yoga, dogs, astrology, exploring wellness trends, watching too many movies and T.V. shows, and traveling. Recently, I've been enjoying watercoloring, trying out new recipes, and going on walks!