Decided - Declare Your Major

Congratulations! After all of the thought, research and exploration you put into this journey, you have decided on a major!

We recommend students declare their major as soon as possible. This will set up all of the online tools like your Degree Progress Report (DPR) and Degree Planner to keep you on track AND most importantly, connect you with your major department and your faculty advisor who can make sure you're taking the right major courses each semester.

Now it’s time to learn what the actual process is to formally declare your major at San Francisco State—however, one significant consideration needs to be accounted for, whether your major is impacted or not-impacted...


If the major you are interested in is one of the majors below, the major is impacted, meaning the major has more demand than can be accommodated. Departments have additional requirements to declare the major—meeting the minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee admissions.  

Click on the major below to learn how you should proceed with applying to the major.  

  • Nursing
  • Social Work
  • Undeclared with an Interest in Nursing - This was only an option when you originally applied to SF State. When you are eligible, please apply directly to the Nursing major.

The steps for each of these vary from simply applying online, to an online application with supplemental applications/documents and test scores. Be sure to complete any prerequisites and apply during the appropriate application window.

Most majors are not impacted, meaning any continuing student who has a 2.0 SF State and Cumulative GPA can declare the major.  

Follow these steps to request your change of major online. You can go back on to the student center to check the status of your request.

Note that some majors require students meet with the faculty advisor for the major to be approved. If you need to consult with the Department, you can find their contact information by finding your major at on Major Department Information and then click on the major department's weblink. Once you're there, look for a menu option for advising or people to locate the person you need to reach out to. 


Now that you've taken steps to declare your major, what's next? We not only want you to find a major you like, but we also want you to thrive after you graduate. We recommend you start exploring careers and gain hands on internship, volunteer and/or work experience to set you up for job opportunities after you graduate.

  • What type of job or career are you looking for?
  • What skills are needed to be successful in that field?
  • What kind of salary and growth opportunities are there in that field?
  • What is the availability of jobs in that field?
  • How can you best prepare for a job in that field? 

Connect with SF State's Career Services & Leadership Development office to get started! 


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