Exploring - Research My Options

It's time to dig in and research your options.  

Below are several recommended tasks and activities you can complete to help you research your majors. We recommend students complete at least the first task listed below.  

This is a MUST DO for every every major you're interested in. Find your major at https://advisinghub.sfsu.edu/find-your-major-below

  • Defaulting on the first tab, you can read a quick summary about the major.


  • Click the Major Curriculum/Roadmaps tab and select the Major Requirements option to look at the courses required for the major. 


  • Choose the third tab for quick access to the major department website to learn additional information about the major.


  • For many majors, you can also read the FAQ for freshmen and transfer students on the lower half of the page which provides you important advising information for the major.

Some majors offer lower division introduction courses which are an excellent way to try out a major. If one of your potential majors offers one, take it next semester.

Every major department has faculty who advise students in the major. They're not only your instructors, but also experts in the field. Speak to a faculty advisor to gain insight into your potential major.

Find your major at https://advisinghub.sfsu.edu/find-your-major-belowclick on Major Department Information and then click on the major department's weblink. Once you're there, look for a menu option for advising or people, and locate your faculty advisor that you can reach out to. 

Go to https://activities.sfsu.edu and find a student organization that relates to your field of interest. You can join the actual student group/organization or just attend a meeting to find out what they're about first. Talking to students in your potential major and field of interest gives you the student perspective.

Job shadowing and informational interviews are great ways to learn about the day-to-day activities of individuals working in careers related to your field of interest. They can give you insight into the field and potential majors that would be a good fit for that field. Visit CSLD’s website for additional information about informational interviews

Pick up an internship or do volunteer work related to your career of interest. This can help you determine if the field is a good fit while allowing you to gain some work experience before you graduate. Visit these resources for assistance:  


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